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Attack on British Embassy Was Acting Against National Security

Iran is in a sensitive situation. It is not a joke! The treat of attacking Iran and Military option is being repeated time and again by foreign authorities. Many international organizations, which are founder by aggressive countries, are trying to find legitimate excuses to attack Iran. In fact, they are talking about military action but their ultimate goal is economic sanctions.

What is the best solution? On the one hand, the authorities reveal new military equipment and talking about military readiness in defending Iran. On the other hand, they are evaluating detention solutions.  These are Iran’s main policies to encounter:  Iron fist along with negotiation.

Nevertheless all these efforts, some people whom were called “University Students” attempted to occupy British embassy. Needless to say that, just days before Iranian Parliament decided to lower political interaction with Great Britain.

Surprisingly, no one stopped them. They could pass the barbed wire and fences easily. This brutal action happened while Islamic Republic of Iran was obliged to secure British embassy. Some years ago, Law Enforcement Forces of Islamic Republic of Iran proved its capability to secure embassies even under strongest attacks. However, unlike Iran’s International Commitment, Police stepped back and let this “spontaneous group” occupied a part of UK territory.

Occupation was not their mere goal. They advanced and stole the documents. (Is there any other proper verb for this action?) Although all embassies are permitted to have and use alcoholic drinks, they destroyed all and then they ruined all furniture. Continuing violent actions, paintings and walls were destroyed, glasses and windows were broken down. Even they used flammable objects to make a fire.

Their next step was releasing a statement. “It was just the beginning. We will do more feisty actions if necessary”

I thought a lot about “Feisty Actions” all I could imagine about these phrases was “assassinate”. I sincerely hope they are not going to do that.  InshAllah

Let us back to the beginning of this article. In these highly sensitive situation, is there any advantage over these strict actions? Isn’t this action acting against national security?  We should note that Iran’s Supreme Leader stressed not attack any other country.

So, I strongly condemn. I roundly condemn all people who involved. I condemn them for acting against national security.

I hope such unwise movements just going to result in international relations not more.


3 years ago I wrote this article a day after attacking on British  embassy and I still believe it. Although the situation is not as sensitive as before but I cannot dismiss the highly sensitive situation in Middle East.

It is over there years form closing the embassy. Many of Iranian residence whom travels regularly dealt with tough situation. It is time to eliminate such foolish movements!

Actually, it is time to reopening the embassy! How the process will be done?

Showing her willingness, British have its own weird policy toward Iran and as we know have an effective role in Euro. Desperate need of diplomatic relationship with Europe urged the Government to act.

I will write again soon.