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Iran needs 7900 IR-8 Centrifuges to meet Ayatollah Khamenie’s demand

Today, Ali Akbar Salehi, head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran in an interview with Al-Alam, an Arabic news channel broadcasting from Iran, told that Iran has IR-8,  latest generation of centrifuges produced by Itself.

“Our IR-8 centrifuges can enrich 24 SWU. We have not fed UF6 gas into them, but mechanical tests are being done” Salehi added.

In July 2014, Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei stated: “Our officials say we need 190,000 SWU. We might not need this [capacity] this year or in the next two or five years but this is our absolute need and we need to meet this need.” and his speech put a new red line in Iran & P5+1 negotiation.

Before this red line, P5+1 has suggested Iran to keep 5000 or some more for enrichment in about 20 years, But Ayatollah Khamenei set a margin in enrichment capacity: 190,000 SWU.

Capacity of Latest generation of Iran centrifuges, is 24 SWU and with a simple division, Iran needs about 7900 IR-8 centrifuges to reach SL red line.

“We have about 19000 centrifuges installed and about 9000 of them are working” Salehi told Al-Alam, but these are previous generations and Iran has a plan to renew them with new generation one. The plan has not become operational yet because Iran waiting for final result of negotiations with P5+1, but it could not be delayed more.